Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Betrayal

And this one is of the highest order, committed by our fellow Egyptians on our Gaza brethren.

An aid convoy led by British MP George Galloway was refused entry into Gaza and was stranded at the Egypt-Gaza border for few days. They are part of 1300 activists from more than 40 countries who tried to enter the enclave to deliver aid to the Palestinian people of Gaza. At the moment, Viva Palestina, the group led George Galloway, is trying to enter Gaza through Syria and has to make a detour of more than 700km. Read more here.

27 December marks the first anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, which killed nearly 1,400 Palestinians, and on the first anniversary of the war, the Egyptian Government has taken over the slaughter of their Palestinian brethren by controlling and limiting the number of aid to Gaza, and keep the Rafah Crossing closed. If that is not enough, Egypt is also planning to build a metal wall along the its border with Gaza, which penetrate deep into the ground and block the many tunnels that are the lifelines of Gazans. In addition to the steel sheets wall, ultrasound equipment supplied by the United States will also be installed to detect any existing tunnels.

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Abdul Azim said...

Ayah ni ada komen dari Syeikh Dr. Yusuf Qardawi. Menarik bagi kita.



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