Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Tragedy

AlFatihah to the two young ladies who died in the freak accident in KB Mall at Jalan Hamzah yesterday. To me, the incident is just another addition to the list of shortcomings in the construction works in Malaysia.

A simple glance to the above pictures will reveal the real cause of the tragedy, and you do not have to be a PhD holder in structural engineering to understand that.

The wall of the ventilation area of the building was constructed using bricks, and it is 1.8m high. The open space is also used as a parking area, and it is a matter of time before an unskilled driver makes a wrong manoeuvre and hit the wall. Even the impact of a low-speed vehicle would cause the brickwall to collapse. There was also no kerbs between the wall and the parking lots which at least will serve as a barrier between vehicles and the wall. The wall should be constructed of a reinforced concrete to mitigate any possible impacts from vehicles. The architect or the engineer has a lot to answer on this.

Collapsed roof, collapsed 1Malaysia bridge, collapsed wall. With the state of construction industry in Malaysia, we could ask - what's next?

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