Monday, December 21, 2009

The Betrayed Brethren

Finally, Cambodia has deported a group of 20 Muslim Uighurs, including 3 children back to China after two weeks of trying to seek asylum and protection under international law. They have been described as witnesses to the rioting in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

It is interesting to note here that they were smuggled to Cambodia with the help of Christian missionaries. At the same time, we as their Muslim brothers have been silent on this issue and so far, we heard nothing from OIC to condemn the deportation. At least the US has expressed its deep 'concern' over the forced removal of the group from Cambodia.

Economy plays an important factor in making Cambodia to succumb to China since the latter is the single largest investor in Cambodia. But we should remember that Chinese companies are also active in other Muslim countries such as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, particularly in infrastructure projects. Chinese companies have amassed billions of dollars from doing business with these Muslim countries, and these countries are in a good position to at least decry the Chinese government action in mistreating our fellow brethren in East Turkestan.

When we travel by monorail from Mina to Mecca in 2012, or when we travel from Madinah to Makkah by Haramain High Speed Rail in few years time, or when we Malaysians travel from Gemas to Seremban by the electrified double track rail, we should never forget that these facilities have been built by companies whose government is guilty for the massacre of our brethren, and in displacing many of them. The first two projects cost the Saudi government at least USD4 billion and the electrified double track costs us at least RM5 billion.

What a wonderful 'present' that we gave to our brothers from East Turkestan for this Hijrah New Year, by allowing them a free flight in the middle of the night to China to be slaughtered. We are committing crime by being silence on this issue, to say the least.

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