Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why blogging and why Berek 12?

At last, I managed to create my own blog. Why blogging, then?

I think writing is one of my hidden skills that I've so far neglected for so long, and being an engineer further contributed to this neglect. During my school days in Kolej Islam Klang, I still remember that my essays used to be read in front of other classes, and I was then chosen to represent KIK in an essay competition. Dapat tempat 2 or 3, and the prize was RM50. Big money those days.

My flirtation with the world of writing totally stops when I started my career in civil engineering. Engineers deal with 'dead' things (machines, buildings/structures etc) and in my case, dealing with rough people in the construction industry, who are mostly spiritually 'dead'. And in my field, I found it difficult to find a person who shares my interests (except for my former boss, a Hungarian, with whom I could speak on various topics from history, politics, religion etc, even though he is an Atheist).

I am a person with very few words, and I think people around me will find me as an enigmatic person. It would be good to shed the image, especially for those who are close to me. By blogging, I would be able to share my thoughts and opinions with others, and those close to me can further understand my way of thinking.

And why Berek Dua Belas?

Berek 12 is a place where I spent my formative years, and where I passed through everyday to start my journey of few kilometers walking to school. Less than 10 years, but it has really shaped my perspectives in life, where I met very nice people and also 'gedebe' type of persons. It offered me a simple life, and shaped me into a humble person (my former boss used to reprimand me for being too humble by saying 'it is good for others, but not good for you'. What could I do, Gus? I am a simple kampung boy, and you were brought up under a tough life in Budapest under Russian occupation). Even 30 years of living in the Klang Valley cannot change me.

See you in my next posting, which will be more serious in nature.



Anonymous said...

Finally, the first posting is out, congratulations, something which I've been waiting, for quite awhile, keep on writing, you're talented!

munzir said...

salam ayah la..welcome to the blogging world.

Anak Timur Laut said...

Salaam Munzir. Thanks for visiting.

Not much of blogging, but more of sharing and opening up myself.

Dah tua2 ni tak boleh nak simpan semua, kena share sikit2.

tamupulaumelaka said...

Salam dan tahniah.
Seseorang manusia yang dikurnia 5 deria, wajar menggunakan 5 deria itu buat mentaati Allah, manfaat diri dan untuk org lain.
Ilmu yg kita miliki dan rasa yg kita ada; mari kita kongsikan dalam ruang-ruang blog begini!

Abdul Azim said...

Goodluck ayah - from your son in Cairo

Anak Timur Laut said...

salaam zim,

jaga diri baik2. doa dr kami semua di shah alam.

ada masa sikit skrg, so can think outside of civil engg sekali-sekala.

Azim said...

Aah boleh berlatih menulis..ayah berbakat cuma xde masa sangat kot..Kita xpandai berblog..masa pun xcukup..

asmaa said...

waaa...kita sekampung laa.


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