Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Jew

The proposed Treasury Secretary under Obama is Timothy Geithner, another Jew. Keep on counting.........

Big 'achievement' for a race with only about 15 million people, with about 7 million of them are in US.



Anonymous said...

What's the matter? Jealous? Everyone in US knows that Jews are smarter than all when it comes to finance. Any President will most certainly not pick an Arab to be Treasure Secretary or Fed Chairman. Not enough grey matter for such an important job.
Go tend to your sheep!

Anonymous said...

It is not that Jews are smarter and that Arabs tend Shhep. It is a matter of how qualified you are and how you position your talents. Jews aspire to high finance positions and study and train their minds to be sharper. The treasury dept. is not necessarily made only for Jews. Gentiles are welcome but if Jews are on average better for the job and the position can accomodate them, then a Jew will be nominated. We need to be cacreful of steroetypical positions as they cause jealousy and bigotry.

Anak Timur Laut said...

Shalom anonymous,

As I said, it was clear that it was a big achievement, taking into consideration their numbers.

They are always smarter in term of finance, since they have been in this field long long time ago. They were moneylenders for the Crusaders (remember Clifford Tower of Jews in York, where the Crusaders killed hundreds of Jews) And Rothschild & sons was always involved in financing British war effort.

So much to learn from their achievements, despite centuries of oppression by Christians.

aguwhite said...

Jew or no jew,does it matter?no it does not,what matters is do you have something in the brain?,jews are human,we dont jealous no one,God-gifts is in everbody,even a mad man,but it depends how you use it,God loves all,he is not will never be hater of mankind,love yourself and extend that love to others.


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