Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chinese Food, Anyone?

People used to say that the best food is Chinese food. The unique appeal of Chinese food is its vast menu. Just as the Chinese will eat anything with their backs facing the sun (except for hunchbacked old men), Chinese cooks will cook it in every conceivable way.

In Shah Alam, a new Chinese Muslim restaurant has been newly opened and it offers various types of Chinese cuisine. After few trips to the restaurant, I tend to agree that Chinese cuisine is one of the best. Mention about noodles, and they have Wat Tan Ho, Kung Fu Yee Mee, Jiang Chong Yee Mee and other types of noodles.
Wat Tan Ho and Nasi Ayam Sos Tiram

The restaurant also offers other varieties such as Ayam Kong Pau, Ayam Marmite, Nasi Ayam Jiang Chong, Nasi Ayam Masam Manis, Nasi Ayam Kam Heong and more than 100 other dishes.

The restaurant's opening time is from 9 am to 11 pm and it will be usually full after 8.00pm.
You can also perform your solat at a corner of the restaurant which is dedicated as a surau.
The other specialties that the restaurant offers is home-made soya bean and luo han guo drinks, supplied by a Chinese couple to the restaurant (the lady with niqab in the picture above is the wife of the supplier for the above drinks).

Welcome to Restoran Mukmin at 20, Jalan Nelayan B 19/B, Section 19, Shah Alam (next to Shah Alam Specialist Hospital and De Palma Hotel), and extend your support to the economy of the ummah and this pious brother, who is one the co-owners of the restaurant.


Abdul Azim said...

kawan ayah ke owner restoran tu? teringin kita nak makan chinese food..
ayah dah pernah bawa semua ke situ ke?
Kita kena sokong n majukan ekonomi ummah...

Anak Timur Laut said...

bukan kawan ayah. ayah dah bawa semua ke sana. balik nanti bolehlah visit ke restoran ni.

lebih baik pergi restoran ni dari ke restoran makanan thai yang kebanyakannya tak begitu bersih. kadang2 tomyam ada lipas.

Anonymous said...


Saya dan keluarga dah tried...thumb up !! Plan to have our family dinner soon...

Anonymous said...

sorang drpd owner bukak second branch kat bukit antarabangsa. restoran hj sharin low abdullah. ada halal roast duck lagi...!


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