Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Rape of Lojing

On the way back to Kota Bharu, I managed to take photos of the destruction of Lojing, which is becoming worse with the affected area more widespread than before. In the name of commercial farming and eco-tourism, they have done massive earthworks on the area, damaging the area.

They even cut bare an area up to the hilltop.

The sedimentation has silted the nearby Sg Belatop, which is a tributary to Sg Brooke, and the flow will go to Sg Neggiri before going to Sg Kelantan.

A senior officer in the Department of Environment once told me that every time his team come back from visiting the area, they will be deeply stressful after seeing the degree of damage done on the environment.

Finger pointing has been going on for quite sometime on this issue, but the project is going on and the environmental devastation is fast approaching Pos Brooke. The towkays are the ones who really gain from this project and at the expense of locals, including Orang Asli. And as usual, we are only watching and are only good in blaming others. It is time to wake up and really evaluate our action, before another 'Pos Dipang' tragedy happens, this time in this Blissful Abode (Darul Naim)

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