Monday, March 23, 2009

Ali Rustam - Good Riddance?

Looks like it is the end of the road for Ali Rustam when UMNO appeals panel upholds the disciplinary board's decision to bar him from contesting the UMNO deputy president's post. It was not my intention to take sides in the UMNO election, but I think the Malacca's CM disqualification is one of 'good riddance' and as a citizen of this blessed nation, I am glad that a person who could hardly be classified as intelligent has been barred from contesting for a post which could automatically make him eligible for the Deputy Prime Minister' post.

I shudder to think of having a Deputy Prime Minister who got his degree through distance learning. I shudder to imagine if he sits together with his counterparts from ASEAN big boys in any dialogue or negotiation. Surely we will be cornered or check-mated in a very short time. Compare all our potential Deputy Prime Ministers and either Singapore's or Thailand's, or even Indonesia. I think ours is the least qualified in term of academic qualifications. Remember that Singapore's Deputy PM was also a professor in law and a graduate of Yale, and he was part of the team which had beaten us in the case of Pulau Batu Putih.

We need the brightest among us to be our leaders, and that is the secret of Singapore's success so far. This characteristic is even specified in Islam as a leader. In Malaysia, our present leaders are not the best among us in terms of intellectualism and moral, and therefore we would continue to hear various misdemeanours committed by our so-called leaders. We are even going to have a number one leader whose private life becomes one of the famous coffee-shop talks, and the image is very much tainted.

Really I am waiting for a more complete 'good riddance' soon, and not just Ali Rustam as a person. The nation needs people with full of 'fathonah' and 'akhlaq' which could not be questionable at all.

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