Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three Stooges and A Chinese Opera Actress

Just when we thought that this farce would happen only among Sabah politicians,
Just when we thought that the title 'King of Frogs' would remain unchallenged,
Just when we thought that our politicians are not so low,
Just when we thought that our leaders are full of dignity and self-respect,
Just when we were hoping that those who are given the 'amanah' would not betray the trust,
Just when we thought that our leaders are not in the lowest ebb of immorality,
Just when we thought that our system is not corrupt to the core like Indonesia,
Just when we thought that the government would try to win back the people's hearts and minds by abstaining from taking unpopular actions,

We found that a democratically-elected state government collapsed due to the defection of 3 problematic and unprincipled politicians, and a politician whose allegiance can change in any direction within 10 days.

Remember the names of these frogs, who have caused the current political imbroglio in Perak for they will likely be remembered as those responsible for causing voters in Perak to put the last nail in the BN's coffin in the next general election.

Or can I change the above title to 'Three Bastards and A Bitch'?

With the ongoing political manoeuvres on both sides of the divide, we have all the ingredients of a failed nation, where money can dictate everything. What a shameless and disgusting leaders we have right now in Malaysia.

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